ISOLAR-VRTE – Design tool for AUTOSAR Adaptive

ETAS ISOLAR-VRTE is an architecture design tool to develop applications and service-oriented communication for the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform, a central component of future E/E architectures for connected and automated driving.

In combination with the secure and reliable platform software framework RTA-VRTE, AUTOSAR Adaptive applications being developed using ISOLAR-VRTE can be integrated into vehicle computers and Zone Controllers utilizing microprocessors.

Areas of application

  • Vehicle computers with AUTOSAR Adaptive architectures
  • Design of AUTOSAR Adaptive user applications, configuration of the RTA-VRTE platform applications, and integration platform for ECU deployment.


ISOLAR-VRTE supports the configuration of service instances as well as execution and machine manifests that allow Adaptive applications to be connected to a network.

ISOLAR-VRTE provides the following main functions:

  • Specify Service, Diagnostic and Persistency Interfaces
  • Develop Adaptive Application Software
  • Develop all AUTOSAR elements including Software Clusters and Function Groups using context-specific editors
  • Configure Diagnostics using AUTOSAR DEXT
  • Validate configurations based on AUTOSAR-defined constraints
  • Support process automation with command-line driven configurations and processes
  • Support demands for an integrated C++ development

Detailed information about all functions of ISOLAR-VRTE can be found here.


  • Simple navigation, even of complex AUTOSAR projects.
  • Applications can be developed using a domain-specific language, hiding complexity, and helping to increase productivity.
  • Know-how transfer between ETAS and partners actively supports the development of adaptive tools and platforms.
  • Use of Eclipse-based tools enables easy integration with third-party tools in customized environments.

Toolchain integration

ISOLAR-VRTE is based on Eclipse technology and the Artop AUTOSAR open tools platform. Developers of AUTOSAR Adaptive applications and Vehicle Computer Solutions benefit from the combination of the architecture design tool ISOLAR-VRTE and the platform software framework RTA-VRTE.

Similarly, developers of ECU software based on the AUTOSAR Classic standard have benefitted from ETAS ISOLAR-A/B tools and ETAS RTA-CAR hard real-time basic software for many years.

For projects that require both AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive, a combination of the ISOLAR-A and ISOLAR-VRTE tools is available in a single tool instance. This instance supports the sharing and exchanging of data, for example for communication design, diagnostics or mode management. Through this, barriers between both AUTOSAR domains or between two separate tools can be avoided, and efficient work across domains is supported.

Depending on demands and use cases, ISOLAR-VRTE and ISOLAR-A can be licensed separately, and alternatively used together in a single Eclipse instance.