Technical Data

MDA V8 Minimum MDA V8 Recommended

PC hardware

2 GHz dual-core processor 3 GHz Pentium® quad-core processor or equivalent
DVD-ROM drive for software installation, if installed by DVD
Network adapter
Graphic card with at least a resolution of 1280 x 1024, 1 GB RAM, 32-bit colours and DirectX 9 support

Operating system

Windows® 8.1 (64-bit) or higher
Windows® 10 (64-bit) Version 1803 or higher
Windows® 10 Enterprise (64-bit) LTSC 2016 or higher
MDA V7 runs in 32-bit compatibility mode on a 64-bit operating system
(English, French, Japanese, Chinese and German operating system versions are supported)



Free Disk Space

5 GB [1] >10 GB [1]
[1] Size of application data not included
Important notes:
- For more details on system requirements and installation, see the release notes available in the Download Center.
- To enhance the MDA performance, it is recommended to use computers with as much memory (RAM) as possible and a fast hard disk drive.
- It is recommended to keep the target operating system always updated (with latest updates for Windows® operating systems from Microsoft).

This product has been developed and released for use in automotive applications. For usage in other domains please contact your ETAS representative.