MDA – Measure Data Analyzer

During the ECU development process, measurement data that refers to different states of calibration data must be compared. The ETAS MDA (Measure Data Analyzer) measurement data analysis tool lets users visualize, further process, analyze, and document measurement data. The tool supports MDF (Measurement Data Format) and enables users to evaluate correlations between diagnosis data and measurement signals from the ECU and from sensors and vehicle buses.

Measurement data analysis with the ETAS MDA (Measure Data Analyzer)

Measurement data can be displayed in a uniform layout with the help of predefinable configurations. Using the same views and settings to display signals from different measurements makes it easy to compare measurements. Layouts for printing out and documenting measurement results can be easily adapted to meet the project requirements or corporate design guidelines.

Analysis results can be saved with MDA as measurement files (e.g. MDF) and in the XDA (MDA V7) and XDX (MDA V8) configuration format for selected signals and time ranges. The MDA installer is available to all INCA users free of charge in the Download Center.


  • Visualize and evaluate ECU and vehicle measurement data
  • Use in-vehicle or on the test bench in combination with INCA
  • Use as a standalone tool
  • Generate measurement files in MDF format


  • Immediate and direct checking of the measurement files recorded in INCA
  • Easy comparison of relevant findings through the synchronization of cursors and time intervals in different display instruments
  • Simple calculation of derived signals
  • Time-saving reuse of configuration settings (XDA or XDX) with new measurement files
  • Practical assistance when selecting measurement files in Windows Explorer thanks to preview of meta information through a shell extension

Product variations

The MDA data analysis tool is available as a component of the INCA base product or as a standalone tool.

  • MDA V8
    The latest version of the measurement data analysis tool, MDA V8, enables rapid processing even with large files and data volumes as regards the number of signals, the channel groups, and the measurement values. This version supports measurement files in the new MDF V4.x format, standardized by ASAM, and older, proprietary versions of the MDF format that are still used by numerous development and testing tools. In MDA V8, measurement data can be processed in both the new and the older formats, and the various formats can all be converted into all the others.
    MDA V8 functionality is enhanced incrementally based on user requirements and is made available as quarterly software updates in the form of service packs. ETAS thus provides users with a tool for analyzing large volumes of data that arise during measurements performed using the FETK ECU interface, the ES89x ECU and Bus Interface Modules, INCA V7.2, or the new drive recorder module of the ES820 system.

The service packs are available in the Download Center:

MDA V8 – Basic Introduction