Measurement Probes and Cables

To extend the application range of the ES4xx Micro Measurement Modules, ETAS has developed measurement probes and cables for specific measurement purposes. The probes and cables are directly connected to the ES4xx modules.

Functions at a Glance

  • Cost effective multi-purpose use of ES4xx Micro Measurement Modules 
  • Measurement directly in physical units through automatic probe recognition and configuration via integrated TEDS
  • Measurements are time-synchronized to other ETAS measuring devices
  • Measurement data acquisition and analysis using INCA and MDA

Products for use with ES400 Measurement Module

Product Application

CBN40x – Isolating Measurement Probes

Measurement of voltages up to 840 V

CBN41x – Current Measurement Probes

Measurement of currents up to 100 A

CBN42x – Current Transducer Connection Cables

Current measurements with open loop Hall effect transducers

CBN43x – Temperature Sensor Connection Cables

Temperature measurements with resistance temperature detectors (RTD), e.g., PT100

Stand-Alone Products

Product Application

CBS10x – Smart Lambda Sensor Cable

Conversion of signals from Bosch lambda sensors