ODX-LINK is an add-on to the INCA measurement and calibration tool, extending it by adding diagnostic functionality. It enhances the INCA Experiment Environment with various user interfaces that support basic and in-depth investigations of the diagnostics functionality of an ECU. INCA users can thus complete diagnostics tasks during the ECU calibration and validation phase.

The ODX-LINK diagnostic user interfaces enable symbolic access to all data and functions provided by an ECU's diagnostic protocol interface. ODX-LINK supplies windows for reading the ECU identification, reading and clearing fault memory contents, plus a dialog for configuring and sending any diagnostic service defined in the ODX data.
Also included is a user interface for sending diagnostic services in hexadecimal format, facilitating detailed protocol verification. In addition, ODX-LINK further expands INCA's capabilities for measure data recording. Recording can be started automatically when a configurable diagnostic event occurs, i.e., when a specific diagnostic trouble code is set.