ODX-LINK – Diagnostics Integration Package

ODX-Link provides calibrators with a set of specific graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for routine diagnostics tasks such as reading the ECU identification (using the GUI “ECU-ID”), reading fault memory entries and clearing fault memory contents (including freeze frame data assigned to the diagnostic trouble codes (using the GUI “DTC”)). All data can be easily documented in an XML-file using the snapshot functionality.

Vehicle Diagnostics

ODX-LINK supports existing ETAS measurement and calibration hardware, thus providing measurement, calibration, and diagnostic ECU access from single user and hardware interfaces within INCA.

Functions at a Glance

  • ODX-based calibration and validation of ECU diagnostics in INCA
  • Easy reading and clearing fault memory with one mouse-click
  • Data logging triggered by diagnostic events
  • Hex and physical ECU memory dump
  • Time saving automation of diagnostic service sequences via graphical UI
  • Common ECU and bus interface hardware for measurement, calibration, and diagnostics
  • High flexibility by accessing diagnostic data from any ECU in physical representation 
  • Out of the box OBDII-on-CAN support using preconfigured ODX files
  • Diagnostic snapshot functionality and documentation (XML, ASCII, MDF)
  • Supports ODX 2.0.1 files as well as the binary diagnostic database format of Softing's DTS7-Venice V7.62.xx