RTA-FBL – flash bootloader for automotive ECUs

The graphical user interface (GUI) enables you to set relevant configurable items such as CAN Ids, DIDs etc.

The AUTOSAR-compliant RTA-FBL flash bootloader allows the reprogramming of ECUs either from the assembly line or at a service station. A generated instance of the RTA-FBL executes the start-up sequence, communicates with an external laptop to perform the reprogramming protocol, and finally flash application software and calibration data on the ECU.

Implementation of a flash bootloader usually requires profound programming knowledge. Correct editing of the source code is complex. Therefore, we provide a graphic user interface for our RTA-FBL, which allows even non-experts to easily and quickly deploy a flash bootloader on the ECU.

You can rely on the expertise of ETAS’ engineers and consequently need to invest significantly less time in the engineering of your own solutions.

Integrated in ISOLAR-B, the RTA-FBL expands ETAS’ AUTOSAR-portfolio. The flexible architecture of the AUTOSAR R4.x-compliant RTA-FBL supports multiple targets and is available for various OEMs (GM, FCA, Honda and many more). You can configure relevant aspects of the bootloader software while remaining compliant with OEM specifications.


You can set the memory regions reserved for the flash bootloader, the application software, and the calibration area.
  • Easy-to-use user interface for configuring and generating FBL code
  • Guided configuration for reduced effort
  • Large set of microcontrollers supported
  • Adherence to OEM-specific requirements
  • Includes full support for security extensions
  • Tested with OEM tools for download and service during testing and in the field, including ETAS INCA
  • Native support for extensions (e.g. external watchdog)

Functions and services

  • RTA-FBL can be provided for every controller featuring an AUTOSAR standard MCAL
  • Supporting Tier-1s in implementing OEM-specific FBLs

Ordering information

RTA-FBL is customized for an ECU and an OEM. If you are interested in using the benefits of ETAS RTA-FBL, please contact sales@etas.com.