RTA-SUM (Standardized Utility Modules)

All General Motors Global-B Platform projects need to incorporate Standardized Utility Modules (SUM). ETAS offers all these Modules as part of the ETAS AUTOSAR portfolio.

ETAS Portfolio for General Motors SUMs (Standardized Utilitiy Modules

ETAS offers all 9 SUMs for GM Global-B Platform with commitment to

  • developing and maintaining the SUM modules
  • be compliant with any updates from GM
  • offer on-site support for integration

Standardized Utility Modules

GM Standardized Utility Modules were developed specifically for the General Motors Global-B Platform. They are based on the AUTOSAR architecture. The use of the SUMs enables a standardized specification of the interactions between SW-C and BSW. This allows the functional software to be completely abstracted from the software infrastructure.

Benefits of ETAS RTA-SUM

  • Developed according to ISO 26262 and MISRA-C standards
  • Reference project within Bosch for the SUM integration
  • Compatibility with ETAS’ RTA-Portfolio including multi-core support
  • Developed, integrated and tested with RTA-Tools, enabling highly optimized cost of ownership of the necessary standard GM platform software
  • Support GM security requirements by combination with security solution from ESCRYPT