RTA-VRTE StarterKit

Complete setup to try out our middleware for µProcessors. Configure, develop, and test.

RTA-VRTE is our automotive middleware for µProcessors based on the AUTOSAR Adaptive standard. Experience the full RTA-VRTE solution by downloading this StarterKit – tooling, SDK, template modules and testing inside a ready-to-use setup.

Benefits at a glance

  • Reduced installation effort – Pre-configured AUTOSAR Adaptive stack RTA-VRTE and user-friendly tool ISOLAR-VRTE pre-installed.
  • Test your developed AUTOSAR Adaptive application on the fly – with integrated virtual ECU simulation.
  • Available also in the cloud – Full setup available on the AWS Marketplace besides of the VirtualBox solution
RTA-VRTE StarterKit Demo

Fast installation and quick usage

RTA-VRTE StarterKit – Logical setup


Needed setup times on native machines are often guided by e.g. installation packages. Nevertheless, customers’ corporate IT requirements might often be very time intensive.


Through the RTA-VRTE StarterKit, setup time is drastically reduced as RTA-VRTE and ISOLAR-VRTE are preinstalled, and additional virtual ECU simulation as well as predefined build scripts for different hardware architecture (e.g., x86, arm) further enrich this StarterKit.


  • Integration in AWS MarketPlace
  • Mimer SQL (basic setup) included.
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