ETAS RTA-BSW as a basis for developing safety-relevant systems

ETAS provides all the modules required for implementing the Freedom of Interference concept, as defined by ISO 26262-6 Annex D. All RTA-BSW modules are developed as Safety Elements out of Context (SEooC) in accordance with ISO 26262 / ASIL D. The Freedom of Interference concept enables customers to implement an architecture that allows the execution of safety and non-safety software modules on the same electronic control unit (ECU), including mixed integrity levels as well as quality management (QM) software.

ETAS provides comprehensive support for AUTOSAR Basic Software including engineering and consulting, standard services such as the BSW Release Package and the Functional Safety Qualification Pack.

The BSW Release Package is a service consisting of configuration, integration and testing of RTA-BSW modules for customer-specific hardware platforms. In addition, pre-configured starter kits are available on selected microcontrollers.

The Functional Safety Qualification Pack (FSQP) is a standard service for helping customers that are using ETAS RTA-BSW to achieve ISO 26262 compliance, It comprises of safety manuals, development process evidences and expert consulting. All RTA-BSW modules are provided with adequate development process proofs in accordance with functional safety standards. Functional safety consulting is included, with the goal of defining a proper RTA-BSW setup for supporting project-specific software safety requirements. The outcome of this task is a tailored safety manual with project-specific software safety requirements allocated to the BSW.

    RTA-BSW modules and stacks

    ETAS provides the following RTA-BSW stacks, which combine AUTOSAR modules into convenient packages:

    • RTA-SAFE – WdgM, WdgIf, E2E, CRC
    • RTA-SEC – CSM, CAL, CRY, CycurHSM
    • RTA-DIAG – Dcm, Dem, Fim
    • RTA-J1939 – J1939Tp, J1939Dcm, J1939Rm, J1939Nm
    • RTA-COM – Com, PduR, IPduM, ComM, NM
    • RTA-MEM – Nvm, MemIf, Fee, Ea
    • RTA-IOAB – Ecu_IA, Ecu_ID, Ecu_OD, Ecu_PWM, Ecu_PM, Ecu_PO
    • RTA-BASE – EcuM, BswM, Det, StbM
    • RTA-CAN – CanTp, CanSm, CanNm, CanIf
    • RTA-FRAY – FrTp, FrSM, FrNm,FrIf
    • RTA-LIN – LinTp, LinSM, LinNm, LinIf
    • RTA-ETH – EthIf, EthSM, SoAd, UdpNm, TcpIp, Sd
    • RTA-XCP – XCP, XCPW (CAN, FlexRay, Ethernet)
    • RTA-CD – CD
    • RTA-HWD – EthTrcv, CanTrcv, LinTrcv, FrTrcv, ExtEE
    • RTA-OS*
    • RTA-RTE
    • RTA-MCAL*

    *selected compilers and hardware platforms