RTA-BSW Starter Kit

The RTA-BSW Starter Kit is a ready-to-use, complete AUTOSAR reference application intended for users who want to have access to and want to experiment with an AUTOSAR application capable of running on a real or virtual target system.


RTA-BSW workflow

To enable users to generate the reference application, the RTA-BSW Starter Kit provides all of the necessary software tools and evaluation licenses, together with example application software and example configuration. It features a full AUTOSAR stack, including runtime environment (RTE), operating system (OS), COM, MEM and DIAG stacks including a microcontroller abstraction layer (MCAL) for a specific microcontroller/compiler combination.

The RTA-BSW Starter Kit also provides the ability to generate A2L files from the configuration, if the example application is used with an XCP-based calibration tool (such as ETAS INCA).

The RTA-BSW Starter Kit has been designed to run on representative hardware or on a virtual environment (see below for currently supported platforms).

At a Glance

  • Complete, working AUTOSAR reference application
  • Editable Basic Software (BSW) configuration files
  • Full source code for all Application Software (ASW) modules
  • Full source code for all BSW modules (excluding operating system)
  • Enables generation of A2L files to support calibration
  • Included training

Reference Application

The reference application that is generated from the RTA-BSW Starter Kit demonstrates:

  • Tool workflows (including configuration from legacy formats such as DBC)
  • CAN communication (including the UDS diagnostic protocol)
  • Diagnostic event management
  • Non-volatile memory management
  • Mode management
  • Watchdog management
  • E2E (end-to-end communication protocol)
  • Calibration via XCP using a generated A2L file

Included software

The RTA-BSW Starter Kit provides the following software with included licenses:

  • RTA-RTE: RTE generator
  • RTA-OS: real-time operating system including the target-specific part relevant to a specific compiler/microcontroller
  • RTA-BASE: ECU and BSW mode management
  • RTA-DIAG: diagnostic components
  • RTA-SAFE: components for safety management
  • RTA-MEM: non-volatile memory components
  • RTA-COM: network independent communications components
  • RTA-CAN: CAN-specific network components
  • RTA-XCP: supports XCP protocol over CAN
  • RTA-A2L: generator for A2L files
  • MCAL: Microcontroller Abstraction Layer
  • ISOLAR-A: AUTOSAR authoring and basic software configuration tool

Also provided is a reference application, which consists of editable BSW configuration (EcuC value) files, related ASW source code and a pre-generated A2L file.

Included Training

To maximize the use of the RTA-BSW Starter Kit, and to be ready for future steps with AUTOSAR, on-site training is included with the starter kit package.

Starter Kit Availability

The RTA-BSW Starter Kit is currently available for the following combinations of microcontroller, compiler and MCAL:

Vendor Microcontroller Compiler MCAL







Tasking & High Tec




Green Hills



SPC5 Power Architecture

Green Hills


If you are interested in alternative microcontrollers/compilers, please contact your ETAS representative.

Configuration Details

Package Configuration Scope


Sample application software with software components using RTA-BSW services


Operating system configuration


Standard start-up/shut-down process


COM stack configuration includes CAN signals, NM supported, CanTP supported


CAN-specific network components


NVM blocks configured using internal flash


Sample UDS and DTC configuration


Sample configuration for measurement and calibration


MCAL integration and testing. Configuration

RTA Product Family

The RTA product family provides an industry-proven, full-featured AUTOSAR solution comprising three key elements:

RTA-OS: A class-leading AUTOSAR OS
RTA-RTE: A mature, robust production quality AUTOSAR RTE generator
RTA-BSW: A comprehensive, modular solution to develop and configure AUTOSAR Basic Software