RTA-BSW (Basic Software) – a high-quality, production-ready basic software collection provides complete AUTOSAR R4.x middleware for advanced automotive electronic control units (ECU).

RTA-BSW offers a comprehensive set of AUTOSAR stacks, such as operating system, runtime environment, communication, memory, diagnostic protocols, complex drivers and calibration. Together the stacks provide a complete AUTOSAR R4.x platform for ECU application development based on 20 years of experience in developing and deploying platform software. Easy to configure, integrate, and test, it supports the deployment of applications on real ECU hardware as well as virtual targets (for example ISOLAR-EVE).

RTA-BSW can be used within safety-relevant ECU projects with a rating of up to ASIL D and can be integrated with embedded security components from ESCRYPT.

Products are classified by safety integrity level SIL 1 to SIL 4 (ISO 61508) and Automotive SIL, ASIL A to ASIL D (ISO 26262).

SIL 1 and ASIL A are the lowest safety integrity level, SIL 4 and ASIL D are the highest safety integrity level.



RTA-BSW is developed using the most rigorous software development processes on the market, ensuring a very high level of quality and reliability. More than 1.2 billion ECUs have been produced with RTA-BSW with zero-post-production issues.

Functional safety and performance

RTA-BSW supports functional safety and represents a solid basis for achieving compliance with ASIL D according to the ISO 26262 standard. Because RTA-BSW is developed using an ASIL D compliant process, all RTA-BSW components are ASIL D capable.

ETAS safety experts successfully help OEMs and suppliers to efficiently achieve compliance with the ISO 26262 standard.


RTA-BSW is suitable for ECU software for AUTOSAR-ECUs across a wide variety of applications, including:

  • powertrain
  • chassis
  • battery management
  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant Systems)
  • body electronics.


  • With the full support of AUTOSAR 4.x, RTA-BSW delivers a ready-to-use solution for ECU software development projects
  • In addition to the AUTOSAR standard modules, RTA-BSW includes a range of smart extensions that enhance the standard AUTOSAR capabilities
  • Automated configuration and code generation minimize the effort to build an AUTOSAR compliant stack
  • Automated testing functions enable immediate closed-loop validation on virtual platforms such as ISOLAR-EVE
  • Agreements with major silicon vendors for using Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL) with ETAS basic software.