RTA Engineering Services

Embedded software engineered by ETAS

Through RTA Engineering Services, ETAS develops high-quality, customer-specific automotive embedded software based on deep understanding, experience, and knowledge of customers’ requirements and the technical constraints on modern-day ECUs.

RTA Engineering Services addresses the challenges arising from the changing allocation of roles in the value creation chain for ECU software. Software can be developed for a specific ECU target or for a range of hardware platforms. This means our customers can rely on ETAS software independent of their choice of hardware solution.

The services include the design, implementation, integration, and testing of embedded software.

ETAS has more than 20 years of experience in the development of deeply embedded software systems. This long-standing experience enables ETAS to offer RTA Engineering Services at the same high quality levels that customers have come to expect from our products such as RTA-OS, RTA-BSW, and RTA-RTE.


  • High quality: Quality is ensured through the use of a highly experienced embedded software development team
  • Efficiency: ETAS ensures highly efficient embedded software development
  • Flexibility: Support by fast and flexible development resources for all customer projects
  • Localized support: Local project teams are available in all major automotive development regions, which support throughout the project with professional project management and embedded software consulting
  • Competitive pricing: The combined concept of localized support, technical coordination via established experts, and off-shore development allows ETAS to offer high-quality solutions at a competitive price
  • Independence: ETAS software can be developed for a specific hardware project or used across a number of hardware platforms, allowing the software to be developed independently of the hardware sourcing decision
  • Standard conformity: Depending on the customer’s requirements software is developed according to a number of standards, including ASPICE, AUTOSAR, ISO 26262, IEC 61508, ISO 25119, and ISO 13849

Our service concept in detail

Vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers face increasing challenges when developing software-based embedded systems: the pressure to innovate via software, time-to-market, cost optimization, adherence to standards, and the changing distribution of responsibilities within the value creation chain.

RTA Engineering Services supports ETAS customers in overcoming these challenges by developing high-quality embedded software based on a deep understanding of customers’ requirements and the technical constraints on modern-day ECUs. The service includes the design, implementation, integration, and testing of embedded software.

RTA Engineering Services delivers embedded ECU software development at the basic software and application software level covering a range of embedded system domains. ETAS delivers embedded software components based on a software requirements specification that is developed in close collaboration with the customer’s domain experts.

This comprehensive service supports new cooperation models between vehicle manufacturers and suppliers of hardware and software. The software creation process can be contracted independently from the hardware supply chain, enabling customers to source ECU hardware and software from different suppliers. ETAS reduces time to market by using flexible development teams and highly efficient development methods and tools. ETAS globally distributed development centers allow us to offer a competitive price structure.

OEMs use software modules developed by ETAS also at their suppliers place, for example GM SUM modules.

Project Execution

Global software development with on-site customer support.

ETAS leverages its global infrastructure and network of embedded software experts to ensure that each project is executed with the customer’s needs in focus.

  • Localized support
    Local project teams, led by an experienced software project manager, ensure a deep understanding of the software requirements by working closely with the customer’s domain experts. This local team also has the overall responsibility for the coordination of the project and for providing on-site engineering services such as software integration and acceptance testing.
  • Flexible development teams
    ETAS global software development teams ensure a highly competitive price structure, implementation speed, and resource flexibility. These teams of embedded software specialists work in close partnership with the local project teams to turn the customer’s requirements into high-quality series software.
  • Embedded software experts
    In addition, a team of embedded software experts based in the ETAS center of embedded excellence in York, UK provides additional support in the form of software architecture design, quality control, and coordination of state-of-the-art development methodologies and tools. This team, as well as a worldwide network of consultants, can support our customers at any time, providing expert advice as and when needed. For more details of ETAS consulting portfolio, see our Embedded Software and Functional Safety Consulting Services.

Embedded Software Quality

ETAS applies state-of-the-art development processes that meet the relevant standards to ensure quality and development efficiency:

  • ETAS has deep experience of applying ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and other safety standards in software development, including the development of TÜV-certified AUTOSAR OS and RTE generators.
  • ETAS constantly monitors software code quality using static analysis, test-driven development, and reviews.
  • ETAS can point to proven performance of developing critical embedded software components: more than 1.2 billion embedded operating systems on the road with no reported defects.

ETAS demands high quality in all our products and services. ETAS RTA Engineering Services ensure that the ECU software attains this same level of quality.

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