The sophisticated and robust ETAS RTA-RTE generator creates runtime environments that are compliant with AUTOSAR releases 4.x and 3.x.

Because the runtime environments generated using RTA-RTE are target independent MISRA C* code, they can be used with a variety of development environments and ECU platforms. RTA-RTE is also ISO 26262 certified for applications up to safety level ASIL-D (Automotive Safety Integrity Level D).

The PC-based command line tool RTA-RTE helps users to carry out the typical tasks associated with the creation of a runtime environment:

  • Validating information in XML format for input configuration
  • Generating data for operating system configuration
  • Providing simple debugging options

Optimizing the runtime environment’s resource requirements is an important function of RTA-RTE. The user can specify whether the code size (memory requirements) or the runtime requirements (processor resources) should be minimized.

For OEMs that only want to define the interfaces of their ECU software, a Contract Phase license is available. Users who want the full range of functions can choose the Generation license.

* MISRA C (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association) is a C programming standard, which defines a language subset of the programming language C.