Ordering Information

Order Name Short Name Order Number
Installation medium for RTA-RTE LD_RTA‑RTE_PROD F‑00K‑107‑169 F00K107169 F-00K-107-169
Machine-named license for RTA-RTE LD_RTA‑RTE_LIC‑MP F‑00K‑107‑153 F00K107153 F-00K-107-153
User-named license for RTA-RTE LD_RTA‑RTE_LIC‑UP F‑00K‑107‑154 F00K107154 F-00K-107-154
Floating license for RTA-RTE LD_RTA‑RTE_LIC‑CP F‑00K‑107‑155 F00K107155 F-00K-107-155
RTA-OS and RTA-RTE Production Licenses To commercially deploy RTA-OS or RTA-RTE in ECU applications, a valid production license is required. Please contact your local ETAS sales office for details.

Service contracts for ETAS software products are limited to one year.
On request, ETAS offers service contracts with individual term agreement.