RTA software products

ETAS’ RTA product family comprises basic software modules and tools for developing ECU software. Our RTA-products are compliant to AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive. The software draws on over 20 years of experience of in-vehicle use with nearly 2 billion ECUs already on the road and zero post-production issues.

 The RTA product family consists of the following products:

RTA-OS: Real-time operating system

The RTA-OS real-time operating system is currently used in many series production projects in the automotive sector. RTA-OS is characterized by its minimal runtime overhead and comprehensive configuration options.

RTA-OS is used in the following areas:

  • Body electronics
  • Chassis control
  • Driver assistance systems
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Powertrains
  • Safety systems
  • Transmissions

RTA-OS supports AUTOSAR R4.0, R4.1, R4.2 and 4.3 standards and OSEK/VDX OS V2.2.3 and complies with MISRA C. It builds on the experience accumulated with RTA-OSEK, the previous generation of real-time operating systems from ETAS, and can also be used for functions with maximum safety requirements (ASIL-D) by virtue of its ISO 26262 certification.

RTA-RTE: AUTOSAR runtime environment generator

The RTA-RTE component (AUTOSAR runtime environment generator) generates an AUTOSAR-compliant, compiler- and target-independent runtime environment that can be used with a wide variety of ECU platforms and configuration environments. RTA-RTE comprehensively supports the AUTOSAR R4.0 specification, including RTA functions for measurement and calibration purposes. RTA-RTE is also deployed in body electronics, chassis control, hybrid and electric vehicles and driver assistance systems.

RTA-BSW: AUTOSAR basic software

RTA-BSW offers a full set of AUTOSAR basic software modules which when integrated with RTA-OS and RTA-RTE, provide a complete AUTOSAR platform software for ECU application development. Because RTA-BSW is developed in accordance with ISO 26262 development processes conformant to ASIL-D, it can be used in even the most demanding of safety-critical applications.

RTA-FBL: AUTOSAR-compliant flash bootloader

The RTA-FBL flash bootloader offered by ETAS allows the reprogramming of ECUs from the assembly line to updates at a service station. We provide a graphic user interface for our RTA-FBL which allows even non-experts to easily and quickly deploy a flash bootloader. The flexible architecture of the AUTOSAR R4.x-compliant RTA-FBL supports multiple targets and is adaptable to various OEM-defined requirements.

RTA-VRTE: AUTOSAR platfom software framework for vehicle computer

To master the challenges of microprocessor-based vehicle computers, ETAS offers the RTA-VRTE (Vehicle Runtime Environment) based on AUTOSAR. Developed together with the Bosch Group this basic software framework contains operating system, AUTOSAR adaptive basic software, hypervisor, safety and security elements.

RTA-LWHVR: Lightweight Hypervisor

The ETAS RTA-LWHVR (Lightweight Hypervisor) makes it possible to divide an ECU into individual partitions, so-called Virtual Machines (VM). With its low memory requirements and fast access times, the ETAS RTA-LWHVR is specifically optimized for use in automotive ECUs. It is designed for automotive microcontrollers that don’t include virtualization hardware.