Enabling ECU measurement, calibration and bypass

XCP-IP software can be integrated into automotive ECUs to provide a standard XCP interface that enables connection to software development tools.  A comprehensive set of XCP functionality is included that supports ECU measurement, calibration, bypass and flashing.  XCP-IP has been comprehensively tested with INCA, INTECRIO, and ASCET-RP.

The software makes efficient use of ECU ROM, RAM and CPU cycles. XCP-IP includes a configuration tool that allows users to configure the properties of the XCP slave driver on the ECU to meet their specific requirements.  The configuration tool also generates an A2L fragment describing the XCP interface to the ECU that facilitates integration with INCA, INTECRIO and ASCET-RP.

All inclusive

XCP-IP includes both the XCP protocol and transport layers, provided as source code components. The software has been designed to minimize the effort required for porting to a new microcontroller or compiler. Comprehensive documentation gives users a step-by-step description of how to integrate the software into new ECU environments. ETAS also offers engineering services to assist with the software porting and integration ensuring rapid implementation of XCP functionality into your ECU. The latest release of XCP-IP includes both XCP-on-CAN and XCP-on-Ethernet transport layers. XCP’s layered architecture is designed to allow the software to be adapted to new network types, and support for additional transport protocols can be added by ETAS as an engineering service upon request.