XCP-IP – XCP Integration Package

The ETAS XCP Integration Package (XCP-IP) has been designed to make the integration of XCP capabilities into an ECU project as quick and easy as possible. It is of particular benefit to those customers who want to use a standard interface that allows them to connect their ECU to a variety of development tools. The latest release of the XCP-IP provides support for ECU measurement, calibration and function bypassing over either CAN or Ethernet networks. It has been designed and tested to allow easy integration between the ECU and INCA, INTECRIO, or ASCET-RP.

Functions at a Glance

  • Integration package including ECU driver software modules that implement the XCP protocol
  • Provides a comprehensive set of XCP features
  • Supports ECU measurement, calibration and flashing using INCA
  • Supports ECU function bypassing using INTECRIO or ASCET RP
  • Designed to minimize the use of ECU ROM, RAM and CPU resources
  • Includes XCP-on-CAN and XCP-on-Ethernet transport layers
  • Easily ported to new microcontrollers, compilers or transport protocols
  • Free of charge