XETK – XCP-compliant ECU Interface

ETK and XETK differ in the way the connection between ECU and host application is set up. ETK-ECUs are connected to the PC by means of an interface module which provides for protocol handling. In contrast, XETKs implement a full functional Ethernet interface on board to facilitate direct connection to the PC. XETKs utilize the XCP-on-Ethernet protocol for data transfer. By use of this standard, they can be integrated easily into existing tool environments.

The XETK is capable of handling up to four XCP communication channels simultaneously. This facilitates concurrent access by several PC-based software applications to an XETK-equipped ECU. Several XETK data lines can be connected to a host computer through a network module. This option is of interest in the calibration of systems which are either distributed across several ECUs or implemented by an ECU equipped with several processors. In such cases, the XETK data of the various ECUs can be reconciled by means of a hardware-based time synchronization process.

Full ETK compatibility

ETK and XETK are fully compatible with the ECU, both in terms of the interface and with regard to the physical dimensions. Both interfaces are equally supported by INCA and the INTECRIO and ASCET development tools.

Both approaches, XETK and ETK, deliver cost advantages. Deploying an XETK eliminates the expenditure for the PC interface module, whereas the ETK is the more cost-effective ECU interface. 


  • Direct connection between ECU and PC
  • Open standards-based architecture (Ethernet, XCP)
  • Highest performance – supports rasters as fast as 10 µs
  • Simultaneous access to a single ECU by up to four software applications
  • ETK compatible

XETK Products

Product XETK Type Microcontroller Family


Serial XETK

Cypress Traveo


Serial XETK

Infineon TriCore


Serial XETK

Infineon Aurix


Serial XETK

NXP1 MPC5600 & ST SPC56x


Serial XETK

NXP1 MPC5700 & ST SPC57x


Serial XETK



Serial XETK

Renesas RH850


Serial ETK

STM Stellar


Serial ETK

Texas Instruments C2000

1 former Freescale