Automotive security

A holistic view on automotive security with best-practices for hardware and software in modern automotive systems

Few things stir the automotive world to such strong emotion as the prospect of selfdriving vehicles. Where some see enormous gains in comfort, convenience, and safety, others are concerned about automotive autonomy and hackers attacking their vehicles. Yet the need for effective embedded security in vehicles was on the rise before the advent of the automated vehicle. Today's vehicles already need protection against odometer manipulation, unwanted access to vehicle electronics, and many other threats.

This security training provides special IT security knowledge for the automotive industry. In doing so, we follow a holistic approach that leads from secure ECU design to secure on-board networking and secure connected vehicles. Practical exercises and examples complement the discussed contents.

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Level: advanced


  • Product or project managers who need to establish a solid understanding about automotive security principles for secure design of ECUs, the on-board network or connected vehicle services.
  • Automotive product engineers who are responsible for analyzing and defining security requirements and for defining security concepts.

Training goals

  • Get to know current aspects of automotive security
  • Discover a holistic view on automotive security
  • Understand the challenges and possibilities to develop secure ECUs
  • Understand the challenges and possibilities of secure networking
  • Understand the challenges and possibilities of secure connected vehicles
  • Learn how to apply the theories from the learning sections in real-world use cases
  • Learn about the most important automotive security standards


  • Basic technical understanding of automotive systems (engineering level)
  • Basic technical understanding of cryptography and IT security (i.e. knowledge from secure product design or equivalent)


  • Introduction to automotive security
  • Holistic automotive security
  • Secure ECU design
  • Secure on-board networking
  • Secure connected vehicles
  • Automotive security standards
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