AUTOSAR security

The AUTOSAR Security Training gives an overview about the general security architecture and the dedicated security building blocks offered by Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR.

After visiting the training, the participants will have a good understanding of all AUTOSAR security modules including their use-cases, architecture, features and limitations.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Level: basic


  • Security engineers that want to use the AUTOSAR security building blocks
  • AUTOSAR developers that want to know more about the security features of AUTOSAR

Training goals

  • General knowledge about Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR and their security architecture
  • Knowledge about the following security controls and their respective AUTOSAR implementation
    • Secure communication: SecOC, TLS, IPsec
    • Crypto operations: Classic & Adaptive AUTOSAR crypto stack
    • Intrusion detection system: AUTOSAR IdsM
    • Secure diagnostics with service 0x27 (SecureAccess) and 0x29 (Authentication)
    • Secure boot within Adaptive AUTOSAR: Trusted Platform
    • Access control to service interfaces with identity & access management
    • Secure update of the AUTOSAR stack and applications using AUTOSAR UCM


  • Basic security knowledge
  • Background in automotive technology and knowledge of relevant security mechanisms
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