Secure product design

Fundamentals of information security including technical and organizational aspects for product development.

Basic IT security training that covers organizational and technical aspects of product development. The training focuses on security tasks in classic and agile development processes, cryptography, and basic IT security measures.

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Level: basic


  • Product or project managers who need to establish a solid understanding about general security principles, processes and tools that are necessary for secure product design
  • Product engineers who are responsible for analyzing and defining security requirements and for defining security concepts

Training goals

  • Get to know different aspects of security (e.g., theory vs. practice, challenges, …)
  • Learn and understand security basics (e.g., basic terminology)
  • Find out how to set up a secure software development lifecycle
  • Establish fundamental knowledge about cryptographic tools, algorithms, and protocols
  • Understand important aspects of access control (authentication and authorization)
  • Learn to apply main security principles
  • Comprehend secure coding techniques


  • Basic technical understanding of mathematical and information technology (engineering level)


  • Security basics
  • Secure software development lifecycle
  • Cryptographic tools, algorithms, and protocols
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Security principles
  • Secure coding