Security testing

Introduction to security testing methods for the entire lifecycle

Embedded security solutions are always deployed where it is necessary to protect sensitive data from unwanted access. This means companies and users have to be able to trust in the reliability of their security solutions without exception. This security training provides an introduction to security testing methods for the entire lifecycle and helps you understand what to test, which security testing methods exist, and how to handle findings.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Level: basic


  • Product managers, project managers, test managers, and security managers who need to establish a solid understanding about security testing methods and how to apply them throughout the development lifecycle.
  • System engineers, system architects and testers who are responsible for the execution of test strategies.

Training goals

  • Get to know the motivation, challenges and limitations of security testing
  • Find out how to thoroughly consider security testing in the product development lifecycle (e.g., testing activities in the different phases of the lifecycle)
  • Get an overview of different security testing methods and understand the differences
  • Learn and understand the basic principles of security testing
  • Learn and understand “what” to target in the security testing in which testing setup (e.g., systems, devices, components, interfaces)
  • Get to know how to handle identified weaknesses and which mitigation options exist
  • Understand the requirements for security testing from the most prominent standards and regulations
  • Interactive exercises to strengthen understanding of individual topics


  • Technical understanding of systems/products and system/product development
  • Basic understanding of IT security is helpful