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Prospectus ETAS INCA-SIP

Prospectus ETAS INCA-SIP

Simulink® Integration Package for INCA


At a Glance:

  • Measurement and calibration access to Simulink models and S-Functions while running simulation with Simulink®
  • One-click connection from Simulink® to INCA Early validation, precalibration, and testing of Simulink® control models on the PC with ETAS INCA
  • Use of measurement data files as stimuli for the simulation
  • Support for Accelerator and Rapid Accelerator Mode of Simulink®
  • Definition of time rasters for fast simulation
  • Support of customer-specific modeling rules
  • Support for accessing Simulink auto-coded control functions embedded into simulation systems provided by third-party tools such as GT-POWER or FMI-based functional mock-ups
  • Consistent use of Simulink control models within the ETAS tool chain throughout the complete control development process