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Automotive Technology Meets Heating Industry

Automotive Technology Meets Heating Industry

RealTimes 2.2010_1.2011:

Automotive Technology Meets Heating Industry
ETAS Lambda Meter deployed in MICROPLAN test benches for gas boilers

Among a variety of tests performed on MICROPLAN test benches is the end-of-production-line combustion analysis of gas boilers and water heaters. The gas valve regulation of condensing boilers depends on the CO2 concentration in the exhaust fumes. This value is most commonly determined by means of a fume sample drawn from the chimney, and its subsequent analysis by infrared systems or electrochemical cells. The downside of this approach, i.e., slow system response time, is relatively sluggish gas valve regulation.

MICROPLAN has devised a system based on the ETAS Lambda Meter, the Bosch lambda probe LSU4.9, and MICROPLAN know-how. Because this system delivers the measured values instantly, the lead time for effecting gas valve positioning is very short, comprising a major benefit in end-of-production-line testing.


  • Fast
    System achieves very short response times. This means that more boilers can be end-of-line tested in the same time.
  • Simple
    Small, lightweight, simple assembly on existing flue/ exhaust pipe (requires neither modification of existing fume path, nor particular supporting or fastening frameworks, nor moving parts, e.g., fume ventilation and transportation systems).
  • Low-cost
    Compared with other fume analyzers, the cost is very low.
  • Proven
    Systems of this type have been working on the production lines of MICROPLAN customers since the end of 2006.
  • Flexible
    The system can work as a standalone unit or be integrated into MICROPLAN test benches.