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The Environmental Effect of Diesel Particulate Matter

The Environmental Effect of Diesel Particulate Matter

The Environmental Effect of Diesel Particulate Matter

Controlled generation of soot particulates on a mobile engine test bench

The demands on innovative engine technologies are steadily rising. Modern engine management systems are highly variable and complex. Investigations on the engine test bench require the tweaking and fine-tuning of a large number of control variables. Experimenters need to access as many operating parameters of the research engine as possible. As part of this access, it must be ensured that the influence of individual control variables can be analyzedseparately, and that the occurrence of unintended interactions is prevented.

The sophisticated calibration tool INCA, which allows the monitoring of all relevant control variables and measured variables, significantly lightens the experimenter’s workload. The tool provides unlimited access to all of the engine’s operating parameters, which may be adjusted by a control device or calibrated with permanent settings as desired.

The research and development of new systems, technologies, and methods is ideally supported by the deployment of ETAS tools. They provide the researcher with an efficient way of accomplishing his task, without limiting his available options.