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Famille produits/Catégorie

ES400, ES700, ETK / XETK, INCA

Produit / Thème

ES410, ES420, ES710 / ES715, INCA V6


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INCA Cruises at 80 Knots

INCA Cruises at 80 Knots

INCA Cruises at 80 Knots

Calibrating engine ECUs in a common rail diesel powerboat


The project focused on adapting the Bosch EDC7UC31 electronic control unit (ECU) to a 6-cylinder inline common rail diesel engine. The boat’s twin engines are managed by individual ECUs that communicate in a master-slave configuration.

INCA V6 was used in conjunction with ES590 Interface Modules to calibrate basic engine functions and emissions via parallel ETK. Environment signals like crank case oil pressure and cylinder temperature were measured by means of the rugged ES410 and ES420 compact modules. To monitor the endurance phase during field testing, the ES715 Drive Recorder was the tool of choice.

The ideal solution was to provide the customer with an IP67 rated, waterproof metal box containing ES590 Interface Modules and the ES715 Drive Recorder. The complete setup was to be installed in the cockpit and needed to withstand specific stress conditions, such as ambient temperatures of around 60°C and 6 g of vertical acceleration. Their stacking topology, waterproof enclosures, and easy handling made it possible to record the signals without the need to crowd the modules into the cockpit.