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Standardizing for Flexibility, Speed, and Cost Efficiency

Standardizing for Flexibility, Speed, and Cost Efficiency

Standardizing for Flexibility, Speed, and Cost Efficiency

Bosch Engineering wins across the board with standardized deployment of ETAS LABCAR

These days, it is next to impossible to think of embedded software development without Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) testing systems. For its multifaceted HiL testing, Bosch Engineering GmbH successfully deploys LABCAR. An essential key to success is the introduction of standardization to enable engineers to flexibly tailor testing systems to the use case at hand. Considering Bosch Engineering’s extensive range of products and services, this is a particularly important aspect. To promote efficient cooperation, Bosch Engineering also offers customers the use of in-house laboratories.


The many different project types at Bosch Engineering call for a powerful and versatile HiL testing system that is capable of quick and cost-effective reconfiguration, and that is also available to customers.

Bosch Engineering has introduced standardized and scalable LABCAR HiL systems facilitating deployment across a broad range of use cases.

Automated and comprehensive HiL tests can be quickly made available for handling a great diversity of projects, i.e., with minimum setup times. Customers have the option of working with Bosch Engineering specialists in a separate customer lab area.