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Calibrating Diesel Engines for Rail Vehicles

Calibrating Diesel Engines for Rail Vehicles

Calibrating Diesel Engines for Rail Vehicles

Voith deploys ETAS calibration tools


Effective January 1, 2012, Emissions Stage IIIB of the EU Non-road Directive 97/68/EG places further restrictions on the pollutant emissions of NOx, soot particulates, CO, and HC by rail vehicles throughout the European Union. In order to attain the Directive’s low limit values, Voith deploys ETAS tools for calibrating diesel engines specifically developed for the rail transport industry. The calibration work takes place both on the engine test bench and onboard the vehicles themselves.


In the area of rail transport power, the strict limit values of Emissions Stage IIIB will take effect on January 1, 2012. At the same time, rail vehicles are subject to customers’ increased demands, examples of which are lower fuel consumption and/or noise emissions.

Voith deploys ETAS calibration tools for calibrating railway diesel engines on the test bench and in their powered vehicles. During measuring trips, the rugged ES4xx measurement and the ES59x interface modules were installed on the vehicles.

With the aid of the ETAS calibration tools, Voith was able to reduce not only the pollutant and noise emissions but also the fuel consumption of diesel engines for rail transport vehicles.