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Solid Grip on Power

Solid Grip on Power

Solid Grip on Power

Simulated tests of high-voltage battery controls


The high-voltage battery controls for electric propulsion systems pose a sizeable challenge to any testing system. While the models used tend to be highly complex and computation intensive on the one hand, the high voltage also calls for expensive hardware. Powertrain engineering specialist AVL has forged a flexible and powerful solution by combining simulated signal-level testing and the ETAS LABCAR testing system.


Because of the high operating voltages involved, the testing and startup of battery control module functions is quite costly.

The use of the powerful LABCAR multi-core HiL systems and modular models from AVL make it possible to simulate the high-voltage tests at the signal level, i.e., in the absence of actual high voltages.

An economically priced laboratory workstation provides the means for developing and testing virtually all of the functions of the battery management system, without creating a hazard to personnel or equipment. Organizational scheduling ensures economical 24/7 operation.