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This release provides a new version of EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR (see download link to the right) with several improvements and new features to make ECU software documentation easier to use and understand.

New features and improvements at a glance:

  • With EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR V7.1, you can now convert A2L files which have function groups to describe the ECU functions to EHANDBOOK Containers. Through this, you can easily obtain an EHANDBOOK Container for your existing A2L file. The prerequisite is that the A2L file has functions defined with input and output measurement signals which correspond to the ECU functions. Using the EHB Container, you can explore the dependencies between ECU functions graphically, inspect measurement and calibration data from various sources and connect them to tools such as INCA and MDA 8.
  • We enhanced the visualization of calibration data by directly annotating the values of scalar calibration parameters into the interactive models. Through this, you can get a better understanding of how your ECU software works by seeing the values of the calibration parameters directly in the diagram.
  • EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR now supports the Display Identifier entry for labels in A2L files more flexibly. This helps you to get the right information about a label by using either the label name or its display identifier, e.g. in the search proposals or the label popup.
  • With the latest release of MDA 8.3.3, the interoperability of both tools has been further improved. When both tools are connected and you move a cursor in an instrument in MDA 8, the time stamp is automatically sent to EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR such that the analysis scenario is synchronized. This helps you to more easily use both tools in combination when analyzing calibration scenarios both with the help of measurement data and the software algorithms implemented in the ECU.


The EHANDBOOK demo allows the exploration of all features of EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR. It covers a small engine control system that can be run on an ETAS FlexECU system.

The demo package contains:

  • EHANDBOOK Containers for EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR, including interactive models for ASCET, Simulink and C-Code.
  • Corresponding A2L and HEX files for setting up an INCA experiment that can be connected to interactive models in the EHANDBOOK Container.