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This release provides a new version of EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR (see download link to the right) with several improvements and new features to make ECU software documentation easier to use and understand.

Note: EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR V7.2.1 is a hotfix to the previously released EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR V7.2.0. The new version fixes a bug where comments that are imported from a previous EHB Container into an EHB Container of V7.2. are not shown in the content.

ETAS GmbH accepts no further obligation in relation to this hotfix.

If you need more detailed information about the content of the EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR hotfix, please feel free to contact your regional Customer Support.

New features and improvements at a glance:

  1. Convert A2L files to EHANDBOOK Containers:
    With EHANDBOOK V7.1, a new feature that allows the conversion of A2L files with functions directly to EHANDBOOK Containers had been introduced. With EHANDBOOK V7.2, this new feature has been further enhanced. The visualization of functions now also shows local variables as well as characteristics. Through this, all labels of a function can be explored graphically. Features of EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR to transfer labels to INCA experiments or to annotate values into the diagram are also supported.
  2. Multi-device support for live-visualization with INCA and annotation of offline measurement data:
    EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR allows the annotation of live values from a connected INCA experiment as well as the annotation of measurement data either directly from a measure file or together with MDA 8.
    While INCA supports recording of measurement data from multiple hardware devices (e.g., two ETKs), annotating values into an interactive model was limited to a single hardware device. As a user, it is required to select a single hardware device for associating labels in the interactive model with a hardware device.
    With EHANDBOOK V7.2, this limitation is now resolved. EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR now supports annotating values from multiple hardware devices - both for INCA online measurement as well as offline measurement data (measure file or MDA 8).
  3. Display values for all labels on highlighted paths:
    EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR provides several distinct features to work with interactive models. For example, with the help of highlighting connected elements, it is possible to highlight signal flows and identify relevant measurement signals and calibration parameters. Furthermore, it is possible to annotate live values from a connected INCA experiment or offline measurement data directly into the interactive models.
    A missing link, however, was to combine these features in a meaningful way.
    For various use cases, only labels on a highlighted signal flow are of interest, e.g. for adding labels that lie on a highlighted signal path to an INCA experiment or when displaying measurement and calibration values for highlighted labels only.
    With EHANDBOOK V7.2, there is a new feature to display values for all labels on highlighted paths only.


The EHANDBOOK demo allows the exploration of all features of EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR. It covers a small engine control system that can be run on an ETAS FlexECU system.

The demo package contains:

  • EHANDBOOK Containers for EHANDBOOK-NAVIGATOR, including interactive models for ASCET, Simulink and C-Code.
  • Corresponding A2L and HEX files for setting up an INCA experiment that can be connected to interactive models in the EHANDBOOK Container.