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INCA V7.1 Service Pack 10.3

INCA V7.1 Service Pack 10.3

This INCA Service Pack supports the efficient usage of INCA. It contains the most current enhancements and bug fixes for INCA and the recommended INCA Add-Ons.

Note: The password has been changed. Please contact the ETAS support to get the updated password.

New:  The new ‘MDA 8 preview SP1’ is a first time shipment of the successor version for MDA V7.x. As the extension ‘preview’ indicates, the functional scope is limited. Nevertheless a first impression about the performance in opening measurement files (mdf format only), selecting signals as well as some new operational concepts can be experienced. For more information see the “MDA 8 preview SP1 - Whats New.pdf

Release Notes INCA V7.1 Service Pack 10.3

What’s New in INCA V7.1 Service Pack 10.3

INCA V7.1 Service Pack  10.3 (including INCA V7.1.10 HF3)  

  • INCA V7.1.10
  • INCA V7.1.10 HF3
  • ES4xx Add-on V1.4.4
  • ES6xx Add-on V1.4.4
  • ES93x Add-on V1.4.4
  • INCA_AddOn_ES5xx V7.1.10
  • INCA_AddOn_ES9xx V7.1.10
  • INCA Add-on 3rd Party Hardware V7.1.5
  • INCA_AddOn EIP V7.1.12
  • INCA-AddOn eCDM V7.1.9
  • INCA-AddOn MCE V2.0.7
  • INCA ES720 Add-On V7.1.9
  • INCA-AddOn FlexRay V7.1.11
  • INCA-AddOn LIN V7.1.9
  • INCA-AddOn QM-Basic V7.1.10
  • INCA-AddOn KID V7.1.7
  • INCA-AddOn SIP V7.1.10
  • INCA-AddOn ODX V1.6.2
  • MDA V7.1.10
  • ETK Tools V4.0.5
  • MDF Shell Extension V2.0.5
  • INCA-MIP V16.1.0
  • MDA 8 preview SP1

Together with this INCA V7.1 Service Pack it is recommended to install:

Hardware Service Pack (HSP) V11.x

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If you need more detailed information about the contents of the INCA hotfixes, please feel free to contact your regional Customer Support.