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ES341 Flyer

ES341 Flyer

ES341 – Counter and Frequency Module with Sensor Supply

The robust ETAS ES341 Counter and Frequency Module with Sensor Supply is designed for installation in the immediate proximity to the voltage signals being measured. Due to the integrated DC-power supply output for each channel, active and passive sensors can be connected directly to the module.

At a Glance

  • 4 electrically isolated digital input channels
  • Concurrent counter, frequency, duty, cycle, state, and time interval measurements
  • Resolves 200 kHz signal frequencies / 1 μs pulse widths
  • Separate sensor supply for each channel
  • Supply voltage adjustable in the range between 2.5 V and 15 V
  • Operating temperature between -40 °C and 105 °C (-40 °F and 221 °F)
  • Rugged water and dustproof housing (IP67)
  • Small form factor and smart stacking concept
  • Scalable, daisy-chained measurement setups
  • CAN connection