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MDA V8.4.1 What's New Presentation

In this video Matthias Gekeler, the Product Manager of ETAS MDA, will guide you through the new features that were introduced in MDA V8.4.1. The presentation was held in English.

Topics are:

  • [00:15] Snapshot Recording in combination with INCA V7.3
  • [03:00] Import of Calculated Signals from INCA V7.x
  • [04:44] Import of ‘Find’ condition from MDA V7.x
  • [06:46] Cursor synchronization in GPS Map instrument
  • [08:03] Extended meta information for measure files and signals
  • [09:38] Oscilloscope: Option to define default for signal-to-axis assignment
  • [11:11] Recently used configurations


You can find more information at https://www.etas.com/mda



Pour plus de vidéos allez sur ETAS YouTube Channel.