Double presence at embedded world 2018

ETAS showcases its innovations across two booths

  • Fast, secure functions development
  • Expansion of AUTOSAR tool chain
  • Measurement solutions for automated driving
  • Simulation and virtualization of vehicle systems
  • Holistic security solutions

Stuttgart, February 28, 2018 – The automotive industry is undergoing funda­mental change. New, energy-efficient vehicle powertrains, (partially) autonomous driving, digitalization, connectivity, and cyber security – the list of innovations has never been so long. At the same time, new systems must be brought to market faster. Key technologies are electronics and software, which is exactly where ETAS’ strengths lie. At this year’s embedded world, we will be showcasing our solutions for advanced driver assistance systems and our port­folio for holistic IoT security.

Advanced driver assistance systems – Development solutions for electronic systems

New ways for fast and safe function development
SCODE-ANALYZER and SCODE-CONGRA software tools from ETAS, based on a brand new methodology, help you find the way more quickly through the laby­rinth of function development. System, function, and software developers can describe, visualize, analyze, and optimize their complex systems from the very start of the development process. Errors are avoided right from the beginning. The tools are based on the approach of functional morphology – that is, study­ing the structure of functions and their relationships with each other; and auto­mated cognition – the reorganization of information in a system that controls behavior. Automatic verification of the complete description of the decision paths and mathematical relationships support the requirements for proving functional safety as per ISO 26262. The completeness of the analysis is mathe­matically demonstrated – that is unique. Initial projects have shown that the work involved in function development can be reduced by more than 30% with SCODE-ANALYZER and SCODE-CONGRA.

Expansion of ETAS AUTOSAR environment
With the new tool, ISOLAR-B, for configuring AUTOSAR-compliant basic soft­ware and the RTA-BSW (basic software) updates, ETAS offers a productive AUTOSAR tool chain with a high degree of automation and services for the AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive Platform. The tools are now available to many semiconductor manufacturers. To round off its AUTOSAR product portfolio, ETAS offers a wide range of AUTOSAR services and support in the areas of functional safety and security.

Measurement solutions for automated driving
ETAS has positioned itself early in this segment, allowing it to offer an extensive portfolio of tools and solutions for the time-saving and cost-efficient develop­ment of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Highly automated and fully automated driving functions will require developers to break new ground. Here, the key is to intelligently combine established and new development tools and techniques, and to adapt the simulation tools tested in other automotive applications to meet the requirements of new vehicle topologies and archi­tectures. In spite of the increasing complexity and risks involved, software devel­op­­ment must remain affordable. This means developing tools that cover more than the development process itself. For instance, data from virtualized tests and test vehicles might be made available for future projects using big data techniques. ETAS established an expert team for artificial intelligence (AI) some time ago, and is forging ahead with solutions such as Enterprise Automotive Data Manage­ment (EADM). Thanks to the seamless, time-synchro­nized record­ing of measurement data and smart analysis, it will be possible to make use of previously untapped data. Deep learning algorithms and neural networks have many applications in ADAS, including object recognition systems, fusion, space calculation, and decision making.

Simulation and virtualization of vehicle systems
Virtualization has multiple benefits: development steps can be brought forward and conducted in parallel; hardware and vehicles saved; test processes acceler­ated; and safety-critical tests carried out risk-free – a major advantage espe­cially when securing highly automated driving functions. ETAS COSYM is a solu­tion that enables efficient testing and validation of connected, embedded sys­tems in virtual environments. To this end, the new ETAS solution offers an open simulation platform based on new software technologies. COSYM can be used to conduct MiL/SiL/HiL (XiL) system testing with a special focus on ECU net­works.

Holistic security solutions offer constant protection
The acquisition of the Canadian company TrustPoint Innovation Technologies, Ltd. in 2017 has expanded our security know-how with the addition of new technologies for secure machine-to-machine communication (M2M) in the Internet of Things (IoT). Moreover, tried-and-true cyber security expertise from the Bosch group has also been systematically integrated into the portfolio of subsidiary ESCRYPT. As a provider of holistic IoT security solutions, ESCRYPT now covers the entire security process for additional vertical markets worldwide – from prevention and detection to response. ESCRYPT protects its customers’ data and products from unauthorized access, manipulation, or theft with Com­puter Emergency and Product Security Incident Response Teams, its own cyber defense center, and strategic security consul­tants. ESCRYPT pools and continu­ously adds to its portfolio of security expertise in the pioneering fields of smart mobility, smart industry, and smart city.

Strong together

International site development and expansion
It is not just partnerships that strengthen and add to our portfolio; the estab­lishment and expansion of our regional presence has also contributed signif­i­cantly to the company’s success. In early 2017, ETAS opened a new location in Nagoya, Japan, with a view to intensifying its collaboration with local cus­tomers and those in the West of Japan. ETAS is now represented by three locations in Japan. 2017 was also an important year for ETAS India. When the regional sales office opened in 2007, it had just three associates providing measurement and calibration solutions to two Indian customers. After ten years, the organization now employs 40 people, offering the entire portfolio of ETAS solutions to more than 150 customers in the country.

Best sales year in the company’s history
With sales of 235 million euros in 2017, ETAS can look back proudly on the best sales year in company history. All regions and divisions played their part in the 13 % sales growth. The biggest increases were in the area of measurement, cali­bration, and diagnostics, as well as security solutions. The strongest region for sales was Germany.

This year, ETAS will have two booths at embedded world. Both are in Hall 4 of the Nuremberg Exhibition Center. Visit Booth 4-558 to learn more about ETAS’ latest products and solutions, while Booth 4-410 will offer a range of inter­esting talks showing new insights into security solutions, open source software, cloud development, and much more.


ETAS offre des solutions innovantes pour le développement de systèmes embarqués pour l’industrie automobile et d’autres domaines de l’industrie embarquée. En tant que fournisseur de systèmes, nous proposons toute une gamme d’outils intégrés et de solutions liées à ces outils, ainsi que des services d’ingénierie, de conseil, de formation et d’assistance. La filiale ESCRYPT d’ETAS assure une sécurité IdO complète.
Fondée en 1994, ETAS GmbH est une filiale à part entière du groupe Bosch, à la tête de sociétés-filles et de distributeurs internationaux en Europe, en Amérique du Nord et du Sud ainsi qu’en Asie.

Anja Krahl

Senior Manager Press and Public Relations