ETAS is expanding its AUTOSAR tool chain

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A team effort

  • ETAS is expanding its AUTOSAR tool chain
  • Live demo of tool chain of eight manufacturers showcases efficient teamwork in action
  • Consistent implementation of Eclipse standard simplifies integration into the tool chain
  • New booth concept: ETAS brings teamwork to life

Stuttgart, February 28, 2018 – Today, the development of electronic sys­tems calls for effective collaboration like never before – and not just within a single area. The demand is for truly interconnected solutions. At this year’s embedded world, to be held February 27 – March 1 in Nuremberg, Germany, ETAS will be presenting its innovative solutions – and not just in theory.

It all begins with powerful tools
In addition to developing new, innovative tools, ETAS is placing an increasing emphasis on dialog. The reality is that challenges of the future, including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and new powertrain concepts, will require the successful collaboration of multiple stakeholders. One prime exam­ple of the way in which tools can interconnect is the new ETAS ISOLAR-B tool for configuring AUTOSAR-compliant basic software. Smart evaluation of system information, clear presentation of that information, a high degree of automa­tion, and the opportunity for validation at an early stage simplify the work process and boost productivity. A database shared with ETAS ISOLAR-A ensures that all users always have the up-to-date information. This significantly improves the round-trip speed. The ECU integrator produces results more quick­ly and the quality of the software is increased.

The quick and secure AUTOSAR solution
You can see much more than individual tools at the ETAS booth. One demo shows how all the tools of the AUTOSAR tool chain interconnect – including the ETAS RTA-BSW Starter Kit. This fully functional, ready-to-use AUTOSAR refer­ence application makes it vastly easier to get started in the AUTOSAR world, and can be applied to real or virtual targets. “We want to support our users in every respect so they have an effective tool as quickly as possible,” says Dr. Nigel Tracey, head of RTA solutions. “Together with Bosch, we’re working on the RTA-VRTE, which will cater to the future requirements of high-performance vehicle computers. This includes, for instance, support for the AUTOSAR Adap­tive Platform and the Hypervisor by ETAS and our partner Lynx Software Tech­nol­ogies.” Training, consulting, and an early access package for the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform enable ETAS customers to take their first steps into the future today.

Live color demos instead of gray theory
“From Idea to Production – ECU Code in One Day” is a workshop at the em­bed­ded world 2018 conference in which eight different companies have joined forces to develop a tool chain that is as realistic as possible. Twelve experts from CEA LIST, the Eclipse Foundation, GLIWA, itemis, MES, Pike Tec, pure-systems, and ETAS will be presenting a realistic development project all the way from the first idea to the tested and validated code – including variants. The key to effective tool integration is the consistent application of the Eclipse standard. “Lots of things look simple in a PowerPoint presentation. Only the real world application can show you what matters,” says Arndt-Michael Meyer, solu­tion manager for model-based software development at ETAS and coordinator of the workshop.

Breaking new ground
The ETAS trade fair team has also come up with some ideas on how to bring teamwork to life. Alongside the familiar trade fair booth with the usual demon­strators at Booth 4-558, this year there will be a further booth that will place even greater emphasis on dialog with visitors. At Booth 4-410, ETAS will be offering a classroom concept in which visitors can interact with speakers in a relaxed atmosphere or simply listen in. Come along and see what we have in store for you.


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Anja Krahl

Senior Manager Press and Public Relations