AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a development partnership of major automotive industry OEMs and suppliers, as well as tool and software vendors worldwide. The goal of the partnership is to establish a global standard for common software architecture, application interfaces, and methodology of embedded software for vehicle electronics.

Complete, proven and open AUTOSAR solutions

Comparison of AUTOSAR Classic and AUTOSAR Adaptive

As a Premium Member of the AUTOSAR development partnership since 2004, ETAS supports the introduction and exploitation of the AUTOSAR standard in SW development processes through a comprehensive portfolio of tools, basic and platform software, consulting and services for the development of user software. ETAS solutions are designed to enable the AUTOSAR compatible development process with innovative technologies, open interfaces, access to all tool features as well as the basic software to enable reuse of results in other projects.

ETAS RTA solutions offer AUTOSAR basic software modules, platform software and complementary tools and services. With our mature AUTOSAR solutions, customers benefit from the standardization and our experience in delivering series production AUTOSAR products and services.

AUTOSAR consists of two different platforms: AUTOSAR Classic which addresses hard real-time microcontroller-based systems and AUTOSAR Adaptive which is the basis for networked high-performance microprocessor-based ECUs.

ETAS AUTOSAR Classic Solutions

This video gives an overview of the AUTOSAR Classic portfolio from ETAS (embedded world 2020).

ETAS offers a comprehensive range of products and services to support many tasks of model-based development, validation and measurement/calibration of AUTOSAR Classic ECU software. ETAS solutions have already proven themselves in millions of series productions due to their high quality standard. They can easily be integrated into existing development environments due to consistent openness.

With our embedded software expertise, we offer solutions and services for integration and configuration of application and basic software from any source, for example third-party MCALs, or customer-specific Complex Driver developments. Third-party MCAL Solutions can also be purchased directly via ETAS.

ETAS AUTOSAR Adaptive Solutions

This video provides an overview of ETAS’ AUTOSAR Adaptive solutions (embedded world 2020)

The AUTOSAR Adaptive platform is the basis for networked high-performance automotive ECUs supporting high-bandwidth connectivity and a highly flexible – and updatable – software. Thanks to its service-oriented architecture (SOA), a major advantage of the Adaptive platform standard is the ability to develop ECU applications independently of each other in distributed workgroups collectively contributing to ECU content, which can be updated in the field (OTA) over the lifetime of ECUs without disturbing other software. ETAS has comprehensive know-how in this area. Our innovative and experienced experts help to set up and operate modern E/E architectures.

ETAS’ AUTOSAR Adaptive competence also plays a strong role in the Safe4Rail Project.


Complementing the AUTOSAR product portfolio of Basic and Platform Software, ETAS offers a wide range of AUTOSAR-related services, including support for functional safety, security demands, and more:

  • Consulting
  • Operative support, such as interim project management or software development
  • Customization and solution set-up services
  • Training
  • Coaching

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