AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System Architecture) is a development partnership of major automotive industry OEMs and suppliers, as well as tool and software vendors worldwide. The goal of the partnership is to establish a global standard for common software architecture, application interfaces, and methodology of embedded software for vehicle electronics.

Complete, Proven and Open AUTOSAR Solutions

This video gives an overview of the AUTOSAR Classic portfolio from ETAS (embedded world 2020).

As a Premium Member of the AUTOSAR development partnership ETAS supports the introduction and exploitation of the AUTOSAR standard in SW development processes through a comprehensive portfolio of tools, basic software, consulting and services for the development of user software. ETAS solutions are designed to enable the AUTOSAR compatible development process with innovative technologies, such as ETAS ISOLAR-EVE, for the test of AUTOSAR components on the PC or with well-proven development tools, such as ETAS ASCET, ETAS INTECRIO, ETAS ISOLAR-A or ETAS INCA. Our RTA Solutions offer AUTOSAR basic software modules and complementary services. With our mature AUTOSAR Solutions, customers benefit from the standardization and our experience in the introduction of AUTOSAR tools and processes.


ETAS tools and services support model-based development, validation and measurement/calibration of AUTOSAR based ECU software. The consistent openness of the ETAS AUTOSAR solutions enables easy integration into existing development environments.

With our embedded software expertise we offer services for integration and configuration of application and basic software from any source, e.g., third party MCAL, or customer-specific CDD development.


  • System and Software Authoring, RTE configuration and ECU Extracting with ISOLAR-A
  • Configuration of ECU software / BSW modules with ISOLAR-B
  • Behavior modeling of software components with ASCET
  • Software validation on the PC with ISOLAR-EVE
  • Reliable ECU basic software with RTA

The ETAS AUTOSAR tools are complemented with a comprehensive portfolio of prototyping, testing and calibration tools, such as INCA, INTECRIO, EHOOKS and the ETAS prototyping solutions.


AUTOSAR Services from ETAS

Complementing the AUTOSAR product portfolio, ETAS offers a wide range of AUTOSAR-related services, including provision of production-ready AUTOSAR Basic Software, support for functional safety, as well as security demands.

  • Consulting
  • Operative support, such as interim project management or software development
  • Customization and solution set-up services
  • Training
  • Coaching

AUTOSAR Adaptive

The AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform is the basis for networked automotive ECUs. A major advantage of the standard is the ability to develop ECU applications independently of each other in distributed workgroups and to download software in the field (OTA).

While the development of conventional ECUs was mainly driven by high real-time and safety requirements, today aspects such as update and upgrade capability are in the foreground. This includes the dynamic reloading of software components, the use of standard libraries for e.g. image analysis, independent learning of functions and fast production cycles.

The object-oriented approach of the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform provides an optimal basis for computationally intensive tasks of large amounts of data, e.g. algorithms for automated driving. The main areas of application for the new AUTOSAR standard are as follows:

  • Automated Driving and Driver Assistance (HAD, ADAS)
  • Networking of the vehicle with its environment (V2X)
  • Applications with over-the-air update (OTA)

The AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform provides more flexible options for the ECU architecture in the vehicle. Domain controllers enable central processing of functions, independent of the sensor/actuator level. This allows applications to be developed without having to define in advance how they will ultimately be distributed to the individual ECUs.

This video provides an overview of ETAS’ AUTOSAR Adaptive solutions (embedded world 2020).

Function principle

“The AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform implements the AUTOSAR Runtime for Adaptive Applications (ARA). Two types of interfaces are available: services and APIs. The platform consists of functional clusters which are grouped in services and the Adaptive AUTOSAR Basis.  

Functional clusters...

  • … assemble functionalities of the Adaptive Platform
  • … define clustering of requirements specification
  • … describe behavior of software platform from application and network perspective
  • … but, do not constrain the final SW design of the architecture implementing the Adaptive Platform.

Functional clusters in AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform Basis have to have at least one instance per (virtual) machine while services may be distributed in the in-car network.

In comparison to the AUTOSAR Classic Platform the AUTOSAR Runtime Environment for the Adaptive Platform dynamically links services and clients during runtime.” (source:

The Future in Automotive Systems


ISOLAR-A_ADAPTIVE is an architecture design tool for the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform software-framework ETAS RTA-VRTE. The tool supports the configuration of AUTOSAR Adaptive Applications, Service Instances, Execution and Machine manifests that enable Adaptive Applications to be connected to networks. ISOLAR-A_ADAPTIVE also supports the processing of AUTOSAR standard manifests for RTA-VRTE, generation of Proxy/Skeleton communication infrastructure, etc.

ISOLAR-A and ISOLAR-A_ADAPTIVE can be licensed separately to support demands of either Classic or Adaptive AUTOSAR. ISOLAR-A and ISOLAR-A_ADAPTIVE can also be used jointly to support overarching use cases of both Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR. ETAS offers hotline support, updates and bugfixes for its products.


To address the additional demands for automated and connected vehicles ETAS offers the RTA-VRTE platform software framework which contains operating system, AUTOSAR platform software, hypervisor, safety and security elements for powerful, microprocessor-based vehicle computers. RTA-VRTE and AUTOSAR Adaptive makes it possible to get vehicle computers fast, secure and safely on the road.

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