BUSMASTER is an open source PC software for the design, monitoring, analysis, and simulation of CAN networks. BUSMASTER was conceptualized, designed and developed by RBEI and is based on the CANvas software tool.


  • Support of ES581 CAN Bus Interface USB Module
  • Creation and editing of CAN databases
  • Message filtering by hardware or software
  • Logging and replay of CAN messages
  • Creation of programmable nodes by use of an ANSI C function editor
  • Import filters for DBC database files and CAPL programs

Open Source

The BUSMASTER open source software can be downloaded from GitHub. Introductory videos are available on YouTube. The BUSMASTER software project sponsored by RBEI and ETAS is open to contributions from research and industry. The openness of the project managed by the sponsors provides for flexible modification and extensions regarding bus systems, protocols, and hardware interfaces. In addition, it will facilitate short cycles in the solution’s onward development.         

The software can be developed and managed with free software tools such as Microsoft Visual C++ Express. Thanks to the tool’s modular architecture, third-party software developers can easily add new functions to the software.