Dynamic Environment

The development goes on

The development of new drives takes place in a dynamic environment with constantly changing requirements. This means that additional flexibility and easy extension of the development environment with specialist software of low complexity is growing in importance.

HEV projects require a high degree of interdisciplinary collaboration. Results from various development environments must often be integrated for testing on a single platform. Therefore the openness to all important standards is an important prerequisite. ETAS tools provide for this openness.

Automotive software development tools always have to be seen within the context of the overall system. When developing complex systems, tools must always be modified to meet specific requirements. With its Application and Engineering Services (AES), ETAS can deliver support in the optimization of the embedded software development process as well as provide services in defining, implementing and operating customer-specific solutions. Our development tools have a proven track record in hybrid drives, HiL testing of electric motors, battery management and ECU networks.