Isolating Measurement Probes

Recording voltages on the high-voltage electrical system and the traction battery using isolating measurement probes. The voltages are measured synchronously to the ECU signals of the electric drive using INCA.

The ETAS isolating measurement probes are used to measure voltages on high voltage electrical systems used in hybrid or electric vehicles. The probes offer a high level of safety due to electrical isolation near the measuring point. Combined with the versatile ES411, ES415, or ES441 measurement modules, it is a flexible measurement instrument for high-voltage applications and suitable for use in vehicles.

The seamless integration of the probes with the ETAS measurement system and INCA offers an efficient solution for measuring voltages during calibration and validation of electrical drive ECUs.

Thanks to the integrated electrical isolation, the probes ensure that no hazardous voltage is applied on the line to the measurement module. The isolating probes are insensitive against transient voltages generated by loads on the high-voltage on-board power supply. The probes measure voltages up to 840 V (CBN400) and differential voltages of up to 10 V (CBN401), respectively, on potentials of up to 840 V.


Typical applications for example are the measurement of voltages on the traction battery, on individual cells of the traction battery or on intermediate circuits. For instance, voltage measurements can determine the battery charge condition, the battery behavior under load, oscillations in the high-voltage on-board power supply or the targeted discharge of the battery in safety-critical situations independently of the ECU. In combination with synchronous current measurements for which ETAS provides suitable solutions, the power consumption of consumers on the on-board power supply can be determined.

Integration into the Measurement and Calibration System

The different probes are powered by the ES411 module via the connecting cable. The ES411 module provides four measurement channels with configurable measuring rates of up to 10 kHz each. It detects the connected probe type and automatically adapts its measuring range for each channel. The measuring range and the probe characteristics are transferred to the measurement software, where the correct physical measurement value is automatically displayed.

In the measurement system, several ES411 modules may be linked to each other or to other measurement modules of the ES400 series. ES400 measurement modules are supported by INCA, the integrated environment for measurement, ECU calibration and diagnostics. Using an XCP interface, the ES400 modules and the isolating measurement probes can be integrated into measurement tools of third-party suppliers. ES400 measurement modules can be connected directly to the host PC using Ethernet. Alternatively, the measurement modules may be connected to the ECU and bus interface modules ES592, ES593-D or ES595. The measurement modules are synchronized with each other and with ES59x modules with microsecond accuracy. Voltage changes in the high-voltage system are measured by INCA synchronously to the ECU internal measurements and signals of vehicle buses (FlexRay, CAN, LIN).

Flexible Configurations

The CBN400 and CBN401 cables come with four 1 meter long measurement lines each. Upon request, ETAS offers customer specific variants with one, two, or three probes and different line lengths.

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