Mastering Complexity

Mastering Complex Systems

Especially for HEVs, overall systems are becoming far more complex.

Especially for HEVs, overall systems are becoming far more complex. Many functions are distributed across an ECU network. In addition, there are more and more functions which operate across drive, transmission and brake system components. The mastering of complexity is becoming to be an increasingly more important competitive advantage. ETAS tools are supporting here:

With INTECRIO, software components can be connected with each other. The entire function can be validated without hardware in a virtual environment. Together with the high-performance, modular rapid prototyping system ES900 tests with real sensors, actors and ECU networks are possible within the lab and the vehicle.

The ASCET tool family for model and state based software development, simulation and automated code generation supports HEV developers through reusability of existing components, definition of real-time behavior and also through automotive standards such as ISO 26262 and such helps to build on existing systems.

Used in millions of applications, the RTA operating system, which complies with the AUTOSAR runtime environment standard, offers a robust development solution – especially given increasing complex ECU coding required in areas such as HEV.

ETK bypass applications and time-synchronous measurement/calibration for networked ECUs.

The distribution of functions on various ECUs also increases the complexity of calibration. The measuring, calibrating and diagnosis tools of the INCA tool family offer numerous possibilities to master this complexity. Therefore, with INCA it is possible to display and process various calibration labels distributed across different ECUs as well as vehicle bus communication data on one surface. Management of different ECUs such as access over different busses and protocols is abstracted by INCA. This streamlines the calibration process, providing a decisive benefit, in particular when working with HEV functions. The same labels can also be measured and calibrated synchronously on different ECUs, substantially enhancing data security.

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