Rapid Function Development

Fast and reliable

New functions for the electric drive train must be developed fast and reliably. This applies to individual components such as the closed-loop controlling of the electric motor, the battery and thermal management, but also for the common drive management of gearbox, electric motor and combustion engine with Start-Stop operation, recuperation and Power-Boost (hybrid management).

In addition to many approved solutions ETAS offers a lot of innovations.


The bypass hooks in the software play an important role. EHOOKS is a method for external and internal bypass concepts facilitating the flexible and easy insertion of hooks into existing software states without changing software source code. Example: Expanding an ECU for engine control by hybrid functionality through OEM.


Due to the increased number of calibration sizes, the pre-calibration at early stages in development is gaining more and more importance – especially in hybrid drives. To facilitate this ETAS offers innovative solutions from the INCA product family. With Simulink®-INCA coupling (INCA-SIP) or open XCP interface for simulation PC (INCA-SCX) it is possible to use INCA via appropriate interfaces as consistent experiment and calibration surface and to carry out calibrations on the virtual model before the respective hardware is available. The developed data records can be reused in the following calibration steps.

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