On- and Offboard Diagnostics

With ODX-LINK, INCA provides a complete ODX-based solution for validating vehicle diagnostics.

Two sides of the same coin

The need for sophisticated ECU diagnostics onboard the vehicle is mainly driven by legislative standards for onboard monitoring of emission relevant systems such as OBD and EOBD regulations. Offboard in the service shop, correct and efficient identification of faulty components is essential.


The ODX Open Diagnostic Data Exchange Format declares onboard diagnostic functions and protocols in a standardized manner. The XML-based data description format enables vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers to maintain all data of the vehicle life cycle, i.e., development, production, and service data, in a uniform way. ODX was specified by ASAM and is published as ISO 22901-1 international standard. More and more car manufactures and suppliers support ODX with their diagnostic development tool chain. 

ECU diagnostics and flash programming with INCA

Comprehensive vehicle diagnostics requires close cooperation between ECU and service diagnostics development. When offboard diagnostic functions are developed in parallel to the ECU software, they can be tested at an early stage of development.

INCA facilitates ECU diagnostics and flash programming compliant to the OBD and ODX standards. Being able to execute software functions and sequences of service testers, INCA provides for the validation of service diagnostics before service tester hardware is available.

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