Process Integration

INCA provides open interfaces for integration with existing processes, data backbones and tool environments.

Team work

Today, the development of complex electronic systems and their attendant ECU software is an effort which is often shared by globally acting workgroups coming from different domains and belonging to different companies. The highly iterative calibration and validation tasks are performed in various phases of ECU software, system, and vehicle development. They involve calibration and test engineers as well as function developers, software engineers, diagnostic experts, and documentation teams.

360 degree view

Calibrators require comprehensive information on ECU functions. In addition to displaying control parameter and variable values, a calibration tool must be able to handle graphical representation of software control models, software engineering documentation, calibration history, bus protocol information and much more. INCA provides all the necessary information at one glance.


For integration with customer processes, existing data backbones and tool environments, INCA provides open interfaces and off-the-shelf add-ons. It offers standard interfaces to test benches and external applications such as MATLAB®. In addition, INCA comprises a COM-API interface for programming customized applications.

Calibration artifacts are often stored in dedicated enterprise data management systems. INCA integrates with all established data management systems such as VECTOR eASEE.cdm, AVL CRETA™, or IAV CalGuide. Calibration projects, work results and progress, as well as access rights can be exchanged between INCA and the data backbone.


To meet cost, time, and quality objectives, development processes constantly demand efficiency improvements. Calibration and validation tasks  are subject to increasing pressure on resources in terms of prototype ECUs, test bench sessions, and test vehicles. This leads to the general trend of automation and frontloading.

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