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PANTARIS is a cloud-based integration platform for the development of connected vehicle systems from ETAS. It enables both secure data exchange between vehicles and the back end as well as updates of software and services within the vehicle across the entire life cycle. Thanks to standardized interfaces and functions in the vehicle and in the cloud, the development of complex applications becomes a simpler, more manageable process.

The mobility of the future is driven by software, a fact that is highlighted by the clear shift towards “software-defined vehicles”, which are shaped and individualized by software instead of hardware. Software enables new functions for connectivity, automation, and personalization, but also facilitates the integration of vehicles into digital ecosystems. Even when the vehicles are in customer hands, new features and function updates can simply be delivered “over-the-air” (OTA), without the need for any workshop visits.

Main drivers for the transformation towards Software Defined Vehicles

Your all-in-one solution

PANTARIS provides the framework for the development, provision, and distribution of software and services as well as for their use within the vehicle. With PANTARIS, ETAS combines the standardized, secure transmission and processing of data with a developer portal and a manufacturer-independent marketplace – for applications on a single cloud-based platform.

ETAS thereby facilitates the provision of vehicle services and brings the application developers and users closer together. In addition, the over-the-air (OTA) and data services of the platform enable bidirectional data exchange between the vehicle and cloud to support both data analysis and integration, while also allowing continuous development of the vehicle software and functions across the entire vehicle life cycle. Not only does this reduce downtimes and raise the efficiency of the fleet, but new vehicle functions can also be developed and delivered more quickly.

Areas of application

PANTARIS is the integrated all-round connectivity solution for developing and updating vehicle software and for providing and using vehicle services. With its extended capabilities, it offers a whole range of possibilities:

  • Secure data transmission between the vehicle and back end
  • Integration of new mobility services
  • Development and enhancement of vehicle software and mobility services
  • Remote measurement and diagnostics
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Data analysis and integration
  • Data acquisition in the vehicle
  • Data administration
  • Vehicle and fleet management solutions based on vehicle-specific data

The benefits of PANTARIS

for service users

The benefits of PANTARIS for service users at a glance:

  • Extensive selection of services with a wide range of solutions
  • Web-based access via the central marketplace
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Seamless access to all services
  • Individual or group licenses available, thus enabling needs-based adaptation of services

for service providers

The benefits of PANTARIS for service providers at a glance:

  • Low entry barriers and minimal initial investments
  • Innovative IT architectures avoid lock-in effects and ensure compatibility
  • A ready-to-use runtime environments eliminates the need for own, resource-intensive infrastructures
  • The shared development environment ensures that the service developers can work together in real and virtual teams across different domains and function levels
  • Direct access to additional users and markets simplifies promotion activities and opens up potential synergies
  • Statistics functions ensure easier monitoring of costs and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Support for application developers (service developers)

PANTARIS provides application developers with a convenient and scalable environment, which serves as a quick and simple means of developing, hosting, and operating their own software and services. The scope includes standardized interfaces (APIs), a developer portal, the project documentation, the community forum along with the relevant user and access administration, the data protection and vehicle management, as well as the communication between the various services.

Marketplace for user-oriented services

The marketplace provides vehicle developers with access to additional services, which allow them to boost efficiency across the entire development process, including for subsequent enhancements and developments following the start of volume production. Moreover, the services help users with their fleet management or the optimization of vehicle utilization. The services can be easily downloaded from the PANTARIS marketplace onto a tablet, smartphone, or PC. Service providers can also make their products available via the marketplace of PANTARIS.

Secure and flexible

The PANTARIS ecosystem from ETAS offers secure end-to-end communication between the vehicle and the cloud. By connecting the cloud services to the vehicle’s own systems and software elements, integrated applications can be created both quickly and easily.

In addition, the modular structure of PANTARIS enables seamless integration into existing software and cloud environments: established solutions can be extended and updated with utmost flexibility, while existing software solutions can be reused and re-integrated.