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Focus on what makes you tick: your ideas!

As an automotive service developer, your strength lies in generating ideas for groundbreaking solutions. For pioneers like you, we have developed PANTARIS: a cloud-based integration platform that provides all the necessary tools for staying focused and accomplishing your vision.

With PANTARIS, your idea runs along a software-defined superhighway, which allows you to take the fast lane to success. You do this using our state-of-the-art technologies, interfaces, and APIs, all of which are easy to use and support the latest automotive standards.

PANTARIS thus takes the complexity out of your service development, allowing you to develop your idea with maximum efficiency and consistently break new ground. Thanks to our development environment and tools, this process is both quick and smooth, and there are no entry barriers or significant upfront costs.

Does your idea require pioneering team spirit? PANTARIS provides multiple ways to create new synergies. By integrating or combining your ides with established functions and services, you can easily collaborate with experts all over the world and develop complex solutions together.

No matter what type of innovation you are striving for, on our marketplace you are free to launch pre- and post-SOP services and instantly increase their reach. Moreover, you will gain access to a wide range of potential users and markets as well as marketing and sales channels.

PANTARIS is your safe and secure superhighway to take you from your initial idea to a successful market launch.

Bursting with ideas? Take a test drive and deploy your service with PANTARIS.

Webinar: Enabling automotive service business

Do you have an existing digital automotive service or a great idea to develop one? Are you searching for a service to optimize your daily business? Or are you just interested in learning how to enable an automotive service business?

In this free, 60-minute webinar, Laura Kürzel and Rico Renger will explain how ETAS is enabling automotive service business.

Webinar: Our superhighway from A to Z

Take a test drive and develop new automotive software solutions with PANTARIS

Are you looking for a platform that will simplify the development process in multiple ways? Do your ideas require an expert team in order to accomplish complex solutions? And what about launching your service with a wider range?  

In this free, 60-minute webinar, Laura and Hans will explain how PANTARIS enables automotive service developers to easily plan, build, code, and launch their innovative ideas. This webinar provides an A-to-Z introduction to PANTARIS and a live demo.

  • Whitepaper How to accelerate the development of automotive software services: This whitepaper examines future mobility and explains the essential features of a cloud-based integration platform as well as the many ways it allows you to master challenges and operate services efficiently. Download whitepaper for free


High degree of freedom

Choose your favorite programming language, framework, databases, and connectivity device

Less development effort

We provide a well-constructed framework including rights, role, and user management

Reliable cloud infrastructure

With our scalable and secure infrastructure, you can build on a robust system and make progress much faster

Pre-existing components

Build upon basic functionalities, reduce development time, and accelerate the product launch

Regulation of services

Choose between options such as ‘limited’ or ‘private’ and decide who can access your service

Network of expertise

 By joining our forum, you can exchange ideas with your colleagues and accomplish new solutions

Shared development

Collaborate in real and virtual teams across different domains and function levels

Kubernetes- and Docker-based environment

Our ready-to-use, containerized runtime environments provide a lightweight and efficient workspace

Interactive marketplace

Gain access to (new) users of your service and easily provide them with the latest version of your code