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We enable automotive software engineers to develop automotive software – data-driven, faster and easier.

This video gives an overview about how ETAS offers a highly integrated end-to-end solution and tooling ecosystem that enables fast, data-driven development as well as safe and secure operation of software.

The future of mobility is personalized, automated, connected, and electrified. Many car drivers expect their vehicles to be fully integrated into their digital life. Hence, new connectivity, automation, and personalization features will have to be added to the vehicles fast and efficiently even after SOP. While in the past the customer’s experience of a car was primarily defined by hardware, software will be the driver for differentiation of brands and model ranges.
The vision is the truly software-defined vehicle that is fully programmable and brings extra capacity for future software improvements.

Major drivers towards software-defined vehicles

Bosch Connectedworld 2022 online session - empowering tomorrow's automotive software

In the era of new mobility, vehicles are fully integrated into the digital world. This enables more connectivity, automation and personalization. Permanent data exchange between the vehicle and the cloud enables the continuous further development of functions and services, which can immediately go back into cars via over the-air updates. Managing the resulting increased software complexity calls for highly integrated software development tools and cloud platform services that guarantee software integration across all vehicle domains and generations. This – together with jointly developed industry standards and agile development methods – makes the process much more efficient and accelerates innovation cycles in function development.

Requirements in the quest for software-defined vehicles

For the industry, the move toward the software-defined vehicle is accompanied by major challenges coming from central requirements: Automotive software applications need to be developed much faster and deployed and managed on scale. Large amounts of data need to be collected and analyzed to feed into data-driven vehicle function development. Requirements that have long been successfully implemented in the traditional IT sector but have yet to be implemented in the automotive industry under its special requirements and boundary conditions, for example with regard to safety requirements.

The software-defined vehicle is focusing on three main product areas: Edge for in-vehicle technologies, Ops for cloud-based vehicle software operations, and Dev for highly integrated development toolchains for both in-vehicle software as well as off-vehicle applications. And that is exactly what is covered by our comprehensive offer: ETAS offers a highly integrated end-to-end solution and tooling ecosystem that enables development as well as secure operation of software with true continuous integration and deployment for the software-defined vehicle.

Our three product families cover all you need

Highly integrated development toolchains

Cloud-based software development toolchains, covering all relevant automotive-specific tools and processes and easy-to-use embedded development environments.

  • Embedded Development Toolchain for ASW / BSW (incl. 3rd party tools)
  • Safety & ADAS/AD Development Toolchain for ASW / BSW
  • Vehicle Edge Development Toolchain (incl. 3rd party tools)
  • Pre-SOP-Domain & Development Services
  • End-to-end Verifcation and Validation Toolchain

The in-vehicle software stack

Components of the operating system for the software-defined vehicle

  • AUTOSAR Classic & Adaptive
  • ADAS/AD middleware
  • Vehicle Edge middleware
  • OS and hypervisors for safety
  • In-vehicle cybersecurity solutions

Cloud-based operations services

Data-driven deployment, operation and computing platform services

  • OTA and Data Services
  • Cloud Plattform Services
  • Cloud Core Services
  • Backend Cybersecurity Solutions

ETAS’ end-to-end solution and tooling ecosystem for the software-defined vehicle

  • Enables fast & data-driven development, efficient deployment and management as well as safe & secure operation of automotive software at scale
  • Customized solution based on a comprehensive software-defined vehicle portfolio
  • Consulting services from experts with deep know-how of the software-defined vehicle domain
  • Highly integrated development toolchains incl. 3rd party tools covering the complete DevOps cycle
  • In-vehicle as well as cloud backend cybersecurity solutions from ESCRYPT
  • Dedicated “code first” approach to automotive platform software development using lively exchanges in current OSS projects (e.g., eclipse working group “Software-defined vehicle”).

Reality check: five approaches to the software-defined vehicle from the past decade

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