ASCMO-DESK – Interface for Modeling and Calibration

ETAS ASCMO-DESK serves as the common starting interface for ASCMO-STATIC, ASCMO-DYNAMIC, and ASCMO-MOCA. It also includes the tools listed below for managing and calculating driving cycles, displaying scatter plots, and editing calibration data.

Cycle Generator

With the Cycle Generator, users can import, visualize, and edit any number of driving cycles. Based on them, new synthetic cycles can then be generated within the present limits. In addition, a simplified powertrain model makes it possible to convert driving speed into engine speed and engine load.

Scatter Plot

The Scatter Plot tool is used to display any n-dimensional measurement data in one or more scatter plots. Selected points can be color-coded across multiple windows and can be exported. This functionality is used at various places within the main products and is also offered as a standalone function in ASCMO-DESK.

Calibration Data Editor

The Calibration Data Editor is used to display and edit calibration data. Existing calibration data, such as characteristic maps or curves, can be imported, or completely new data can be generated. Furthermore, it is possible to modify the position and number of break points , optimize the distribution of break points , and convert or invert axes.