ETAS ASCMO-DESK serves as a common starting interface for ETAS ASCMO-STATIC, ETAS ASCMO-DYNAMIC, and ETAS ASCMO-MOCA. It also includes useful tools for managing and calculating driving cycles, displaying scatter plots and editing program maps. ETAS ASCMO-DESK provides the perfect toolbox of appropriate software applications for many offline calibration scenarios.

Version 5 introduced icons to make it easier to identify and launch any of the applications in the ETAS ASCMO product family. ASCMO-DESK, with its state-of-the-art look and feel, is a must-have solution for running ASCMO applications:

Ready to launch: With ETAS ASCMO-DESK, users always have a clear overall view of the ETAS ASCMO applications they can use as well as all the additional applications that are also available to them.